Our Distilling Process
Here at the Lickerish Tooth, we like to take the time to get our drinks right. 
We put all of our botanicals in with neutral grain spirit to steep for 48 hours. This allows all the wonderful flavours to begin to come out. 
Once this process is complete, we put everything into our copper pot still, and begin to heat it all up. We use a traditional pot style still, which slowly heats up, allowing the alcohol to evaporate and head up through the head of the still. 
As it reaches the top, it moves along the Lyne arm, the swan neck shaped piece of copper which then feeds into the condenser. It's here that it is cooled, and the liquid condenses, before emerging from the parrot spout as wonderful tasting gin. 
(There is of course a few more technical details than this, but who wants to know all the details?!)
I mean, if you do, then by all means, just ask us :)
Lyne arm
Parrot Spout